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Alan Bauer verlässt Embarcadero

Alan Bauer hat Embarcadero verlassen und wird zukünftig bei Google arbeiten. Nachdem er im letzten Jahr schon sein Blog und seinen Content auf eine neue Seite umgezogen hat, folgte jetzt die Ankündigung. Er war bei Embarcadero "Lead Compiler Engineer". An sich noch nichts besonderes, doch sein Kommentar hier lässt nichts gutes ahnen....
Ralf Stocker: How safe is Delphis future? Who is the new Lead Compiler Engineer? Who is the new Chief Scientist?
Alan Bauer: There are no plans that I'm aware of to move someone into my old position... All those that I would consider qualified are either already gone or are currently looking elsewhere.
** Update **
Sehr ernüchternd was Nick Hodges hier schreibt:
[quote]I do know this: Many of my friends there are no longer there, and many
from all parts of the company have left in the last three months.

Idera is not a technology company. They are a marketing company. They
buy companies and market them. They don't really have a development
staff, and out-source their development.

Draw what conclusions you will from that.