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Embarcadero schließt das spanische Büro.

Embarcadero schließt wie es aussieht seinen spanischen Entwicklerstützpunkt und 80 Personen verlieren ihren Job.  Und was Allen Bauer in dem Google + Post schreibt, lässt böses ahnen:
The Spain office had taken on most of the IDE, Delphi RTL, GetIT, Installer, some DB, Bluetooth components, IoT, QA, and other miscellaneous tasks. They were by-far the largest single group working on RAD Studio. They were all a wonderful, dedicated, excited group of folks. They were eager to learn and truly enjoyed their jobs. I am deeply saddened by this development.

Not unexpected given what I know about the new owners', ahem, decided lack of understanding how a dev-tool should be developed and managed... In fact, how software in general should be developed.